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When we started out in the early 2000s, we were very much involved in music branding within the local hip-hop scene. We were part of the Beats Society led by Imran Ajmain.

There’s a particular song by a now-defunct EDM group, Funkstorung, which caught our attention. It was where we caught the song PlayPause and thought how well the term suit what we are doing.

While Zee creates websites which “move”, Wan creates designs that make people “stop” to look. Thus the relation to PlayPause.

We designed a whole lot of music event posters and album covers for our friends. Then when word got out, we started designing for clients.

Over the years, we established our visual branding services for events and campaigns.

PlayPause finally ran as a business in 2009. We turned into a private limited company in 2013. In these 8 years, our favourite clients are the ones who gave us free-reign over design and branding work.